When It Makes Sense to Buy Your Own Server

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For a number of enterprises, an in-house server provides a variety of benefits including improved security, better website performance, and lower cost. However, this is not for everyone. It is important to determine whether the advantages of buying your own server outweighs its cost and disadvantages.

Every website owner has a decision to make: Should he rent a part of a hosting server from a merchant or should he buy a wholly-owned server? The former involves remote hosting while the latter means you need to allocate some space for the server – whether under a desk, a closet, or other parts of the office. Obviously, if you’re just starting a blog or a small website, it makes sense to take advantage of a hosting service. For those who are running a medium-scale enterprise, the decision can be more challenging. Among the questions you need to ask include the following:

Is Your Web Operation Big Enough to Cover the Cost? Unless you receive at least 5,000 or more daily visitor, it might be best to stick with the shared hosting option. It is far cheaper and usually, capacity can be increased to accommodate your requirements. If you’re running an operation that requires large capacity because of the kind of service you provide, then buying your own server might be a better option. Companies that make $ 100,000 in annual sales should consider getting their own servers to improve security as well.

Would it Be Cheaper to Get Your Own Server? Look around the web and it would become readily apparent that shared hosting can be extremely cheap. If you’re running a small ecommerce company then it might be the most sensible option. However, larger enterprises have to decide if it can be cheaper, over the long term, for them to get their own servers. If your company has grown big enough that it requires large amounts of storage and bandwidth, then the value proposition offered by hosting providers start to change.

It can be cheaper to get your own server instead of “renting” it because you eliminate the markup that hosting providers charge for their service. A dual-processor, managed server can cost your firm anywhere from $ 350 to $ 1,200 a month from a hosting company. This amounts to thousands of dollars per year. If you get your own server, you can bring this down to $ 500 to $ 2,500 per year.

Can Getting Your Own Server Improve Site Performance? With few exceptions, site performance is generally improved after you get your own server. The upload speed is enhanced and the fact that your firm has direct control over the server means that it can be adapted according to your strategy.

Having your own server is especially beneficial if you have several employees who operate the ecommerce website. Dozens of operational efficiencies can be made. In addition, business data is further secured because it is within your company’s control to respond to threats as they occur.

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