What Can a Good Web Host Provide For You?

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So you are looking for a web host who can provide you with all the services that you want for your company website. What should you be looking for? What should a good web host provide for you so you can have the most functionality with your website?

The truth is that you do not have to pay a lot of money for your web hosting service, even if there are a lot of add-ons that help you with your online business. In fact, you should be paying between $ 10 and $ 50 per month and probably not a penny more.

One basic service that you should get from your web host is a FTP site for your company website. An FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, site is where you can upload files for download by others who have authorization. That way, you can put up reports, large files and more on the FTP site and your clients or employees can download them from there. Typically this is a free service because most websites are uploaded to the web hosting server through FTP.

In regards to programming languages supported by your web hosting service, you should look for PHP, Java, ColdFusion and ASP.Net. The reason is that all of these provide a great deal of functionality to your website and help it become highly dynamic. The more dynamic a website is, the more likely internet users are to stop at it and stay it for an extended period of time. If you are doing business online, then having e-commerce capabilities is very important. With e-commerce capabilities, you will be able to accept credit card payments, Pay Pal payments and more. You can literally sell products off the website, making money from clients and customers across the planet.

Lastly, make sure your hosting company provides you with e-mail capabilities for your website (yourname@yourcompanywebsite.com). Also a control panel that gives you the ability to make easy and quick changes to the website, without the need for an expensive designer. With a control panel that lets you edit, maintain and upload to your website, you can design the website exactly how you want it, without any technical knowledge in website design.

These are just a few of the things that a good web hosting service will provide to you. Don’t pay high prices for this, look for cheap web hosting where you can so you can save costs and do better business

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