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Compare to shared web hosting, dedicated servers may seem to be a little bit costly, but the advantages of hosting your website on a dedicated server are much significantly worth it. Dedicated server hosting or a dedicated server is a type of Internet Hosting in which the customer or a client leases a whole server. In dedicated server hosting you have a total freedom over the server to select your choice of operating system, hardware, etc as well as the server hardware is owned by the provider, so they may provide support for your applications and server issues.

However, in shared web hosting though the server is managed properly, but it cannot be completely stable and reliable. Most of the time, clients using shared web hosting has to face most of the variables like overload, bad coding and scripts which affects the reliability and stability of a server. Using a dedicated server you can avoid these type of variables as it allows you to install only those applications and softwares which you really need. As well as, to keep your clients happy and satisfied an instant support is very much important. With a dedicated web server hosting you are able to provide quick support to your own clients whenever required, which is impossible when you are on a shared server.

As far as security is concern, the entire server is dedicated to you, so no one else will have access to your server. Most of the dedicated hosting plans comes with the option of an external firewall so you can better enforce your specified access rights. Also, website hosting on a dedicated server permits you to upgrade your specific server requirements anytime such as RAM, bandwidth and increase your processor speed. As I said earlier, you often will get your choice of operating system (windows & Linux). Also, you can select your own control panel through which you are able to host multiple domains and websites. Cpanel and Plesk are majorly used control panel in the hosting market. Whereas, on shared web hosting you are not able to upgrade specific requirements, you will have to upgrade the whole package.

The shared server user actually realises the need of a dedicated server when their website stats tell that how earlier a visitor left the site due to the slow loading times. This is because, on a shared hosting, you have no idea who is uploading and what to the same shared server. Also, shared hosting plans assign a single IP address to each and every domain and website hosted on that particular server. Due to that the speed is affected at which your web applications runs. Using a dedicated server you can avoid all this by affording exclusive bandwidth and your own unique IP address so the IP address of your domain points only to your website or your web applications. As well as having a dedicated IP Address also helps you to rank better in search engines. If you are on a dedicated server your website will always be up and quickly downloadble which will encourage your existing clients to refer your service to others.

If you are really serious about getting maximum exposure for less promotion then you must get a Dedicated Server now.

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