Website Hosting Reviews – Are They Useful?

Uncategorized 28.9.2012 Comments Off on Website Hosting Reviews – Are They Useful?

Article by Andy Nataghi

Website Hosting Reviews – Are They Useful? – Internet – Web Hosting

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A google search for website hosting reviews will return pages of sites so, rather than simplifying the process of choosing a website hosting provider, they can make it more difficult. You have to ask how independent these sites are – are they influenced by payments from the hosting companies? No review site can claim to cover all hosting companies so what does determine which ones they include.

Having spent some time looking through website hosting reviews I saw several hosting companies reviewed on many sites but it is not uncommon to see a hosting company highly recommended by one site and not even be mentioned by the next. Sometimes customer reviews are shown but there is no way of knowing if these are real and even if they are, have they been carefully selected.

I think that it is clear that some review site listings are influenced by financial reward.

The more reputable sites state upfront that they get a commission on sales they refer to some or all of the hosting companies which they review (i.e they are affiliates). Other sites do not offer any information on this.

I suspect that some sites are influenced by these payments, others specifically claim to be independent and apply criteria like recommending sites with “happy customers”.

I should point out that there is nothing wrong with hosting companies making payments to affiliates. This is a very common method of marketing but anyone receiving a commission cannot really claim to be independent.

Ultimately the problem with hosting review sites is that having looked at lots of them you can still end up confused. However, at least you will have learned who are the well known names in the market.

My conclusion therefore is that there are too many review sites, many of questionable merit and whilst they serve make you aware of who are the major players in the hosting market they can leave you unsure how to move forward.

Once you are aware of these companies you then need to do your own research i.e. look for independent user feedback and balance this against price. You can also look at forums such as where you can also seek advice if you have specific requirements.

I personally have sites with two hosting companies, one I would recommend and one I wouldn’t. Although I have since discovered that I am not alone with regard to my problem with the second company it relates to an issue I would never have anticipated. This shows that however much research you do you cannot be sure all will go well so I would suggest going for a hosting provider who offers a money back guarantee. You can get up and running during the guarantee period and check that everything is ok. If you experience any problems you can get a refund and try another hosting provider.

About the Author

Andy Nataghi is an enthusiast and writer about all things technical and has a particular interest in Website Hosting Reviews. To see more information on the criteria for assessing hosting providers please visit website-hosting-plans

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Andy Nataghi

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