Website Hosting, Finding a Local Supplier to Host Your Website

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1) Dedicated Hosting: Does your local web designer or hosting company use a dedicated server as opposed to a virtual or shared server. Any decent small to medium business offering website hosting will rent their own dedicated server to host their clients websites on. Anybody putting your website on a free or virtual server is not offering the best service that they could do.

2) IP Address: How many websites are on the same IP address as your website. You can easily check by using a service that will show you other websites that are hosted on the same server as a particular domain name. Search in Google for find other websites hosted on a web server. Simply put their domain name into the search and see the other websites on the same server / IP Address as their own website.

3)Shared Hosting: Once you have a list of the other websites on the same server / IP address you can check out these websites. If they are all clients of the company you want to use then you are most likely quite safe to assume that they are running a dedicated server. More often than not a web designer will have a link back to their own website from a clients website, have a look about the site for this. In the end you can ask your prospective host if they run their own server.

A canny web host will have purchased a block of additional IP addresses, to spread their clients websites around, to create more valuable back links to their own website.

4)Support: How well do they intend to support you? For a local company a phone contact for service related support should be expected. You should not be having to call them at all about problems with the hosting service so no company should try and avoid a direct contact for support. A good and helpful local supplier should be willing to provide a little technical support, in the early days, to get your service up and running as part of a new agreement.

5)Referrals: Do they have any referrals from existing customers. One of the best ways to judge a companies performance is from existing customers. Ring a few up and ask how the service is. You will find a web design or hosting company with several good referrals has been established for a good few years and can be relied upon.

Perform a Whois look up on your prospective clients domain name and see when they first registered their domain name. The longer they have been established the better the prospect.

6)Guarantee: Do they offer any guarantees of up time and reliability. Normally a small to medium web designer will rent their dedicated server from a larger host, find out who the host they use is and do a bit of research on the company by looking for reviews in Google.

7)Experience: How much experience does your new host have in running and maintaining servers and the related service? Find out if they come from a technical and/or support background with experience in servers and web services. Or are they simply a design guru relying on their hosts support for technical support. Quite often you will pay a premium to hosting companies to fix any unforeseen problems and this can also take time. Your own dedicated technical genius will stay up all night to fix any problems to keep your services running.

More often than not your local, well established, web designer will be making use of a dedicated server and charging an annual fee for maintaining the server, applying patches and upgrades to the server and the service offered.

Using a local supplier gives you the means to be able to pick up the phone and contact them and, if you pick the right one, enjoy a long and happy working relationship with your web host. If they offer web design then you also have, at hand, a means to update your website too..

Andrew is a web designer by trade and is now starting to author and write articles alongside running his web design business.

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