Web Hosting Services and Its Types

Uncategorized 22.7.2012 Comments Off on Web Hosting Services and Its Types

Article by Pooja Arora

Web Hosting Services and Its Types – Computers

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Web hosting is one of the forms of Internet hosting service that permits individuals and associations to build their own website accessible in the World Wide Web. These companies provide space to your website on the server. This is a vital decision that you have to take for any type of business perhaps for sharing your business views you need a consistent web hosting , which helps your website visitors to browse your site without any difficulty.There are different types of web hosting services available in market. Majorly are free services. There are many few companies which provide this service and if they do then have certain loopholes. These services are best for small sites which have low traffic like that for personal websites since being free web hosting you cannot have your domain name, alternatively have to use domain name provided by the free web hosting company. We also have Shared web hosting service; this is one of the cheapest hosting because in this many people share the same server as the name suggests. In this the hosting company will manage all the clients on the same server. This service is also good for small business that has an average traffic on their website but it reduces the security since being on the sharing mode, 100s of people may be sharing the same server. The other is Managed hosting, where the user gets his own server but cannot have full control so this is just like user get a server on lease which could be used for uploading the files but cannot access to change the configuration of the server. Next one is Dedicated hosting service, where the user would have full access over the server as compared to the managed hosting where user does not have all the rights to change the configuration of server but everything could be done in dedicated hosting. This service gives customer more consistent, better & secures hosting service. Another service is Collocated Hosting, this hosting is just similar to dedicated hosting but the only difference is in the terms of server space to clients. So, whole of the server is directly manage by the user but this service is pretty expensive than others and require higher skills to manage but has the maximum securityThere are many other hosting services available in the market. All have their own benefits as per users requirements. But if you are looking for a best Web Hosting service then visit Orion eSolutions. This company provides you all type of hosting services and assures you reliability and good security.

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Myself Pooja from last few years I have written many of articles for entertainment industry ranging from games and other website solution companies. Recent content for Web Hosting Services and some of its type for Orion eSolutions is new and very reliable company in India for Web Hosting and other web solutions. Would like to have feedback to improve and contribute more and more for open world.

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Pooja Arora

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