Web Hosting Comparison – The Different Comparison Points Between Good Web Hosting Services

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When you’re in the market for web hosting services, you should know how to conduct hosting comparison. Being able to differentiate between two or more hosting providers can make the difference in the kind of service that you get. By doing smart service evaluation, you are only saving yourself from headaches and frustrations later on. Just what exactly should you look for in the different web hosts? Here are some tips:

Web hosting comparison point 1: Uptime – The best hosting services will boast of the maximum uptime, which is 99.99% and truly fulfill this claim. Of course, when you do your shopping for a suitable package, there will be many hosting service providers who will say practically the same thing. To filter the real deal from the fakes, you can refer to the different IT forums for feedback. Actual user feedback can make a huge difference when you’re doing a comparison between the web hosts.

Note too that you shouldn’t expect any website hosting service to be up 100% of the time. When you find any service that claims this during your hosting comparison, they are clearly not being truthful about it. Some downtime is necessary for web servers to maintain consistently good service.

Web hosting comparison point 2: Platform – There are several advantages and disadvantages to the type of platform that you select for your website. Popular platforms that you will encounter during your evaluation of the different services are Windows and Linux server platforms. When doing a comparison between the two, note that one is not necessarily better than the other. Although, you will find that the Linux server platform may provide better security and stability. Windows server platform, on the other hand, may have greater usability. And you might need this type of server for certain scripting languages, like ASP.

Web hosting comparison point 3: Administration Features – The user administration features of your selected web hosting provider will also matter, especially if you have limited technical knowledge. When you do consider getting a package, you will encounter several administration interfaces, like CPanel and the Web Content Management System. You might find some of these administration interfaces easier to use than others. Likewise, many of these come with a pre-installed software program that you can use for your website. The hosting service that you select should have those software programs that you want for your site. Factor these in when doing your hosting comparison.

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