Various Types of Web Hosting Services

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In this particular article we’ll outline the various types of web hosting entities being used today beginning with free web hosting.

Free web hosting

This type of hosting is pretty self-explanatory because it’s free. This particular style of hosting is recommended for websites that have a very low level of traffic; for example, personal sites, blogs and family sites. It’s not recommended for anyone who has intentions on conducting a successful business.

Shared web hosting

This is the most popular or common method used for hosting as well as the most cost-effective. It’s pretty self-explanatory in definition as well because what you’re doing is sharing hosting services on an individual server with approximately a hundred other users. Through shared hosting you’re not allowed the dedicated access of a server; however, you will get a percentage. This is the most favorable option for online businesses and most of these come with around the clock technical support. Plus you’re awarded the benefit of having complete access to your website unlike many free hosting services that have the ads of the hosting providers flooding your site. Then there are the benefits of having plenty of space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases and a host of other special features and tools. These are some of the very reason why shared hosting is highly recommended over free hosting.

Dedicated web hosting

In the self-explanatory definition of shared hosting you’re basically sharing a server with others without the dedicated access of a server. With dedicated web hosting you’re awarded this service with a very hefty price for some people. It’s considered the most expensive of web hosting services for very good reasons; and one being, unlimited access to the server. Unlimited capabilities speak volumes and this is the very reason why so many big spender cut through the small talk and invest their money in dedicated web hosting services.

Reseller web hosting

This is a form of business that many people take on because they have ideas of being a hosting entity their selves. What they basically do is resell hosting sites at their own price. Most reseller hosting sites cost around $ 15-$ 20 based upon the various features provided and the amount of resources offered by the hosting provider.

Virtual Private Server

Not many people are familiar with the virtual private server business; nonetheless, it’s the sharing of one particular server under the guise of multiple, separate servers. You can find the operation of virtual private servers between shared and dedicated hosting services. These servers have also been considered to be more affordable than your average dedicated server.

Collocated Hosting

This is another rather odd sounding hosting server that’s used for the purpose of renting space from a particular data-center. The process begins by bringing in your personal server hardware and the hosting entity provides power, physical security, cooling and an Internet transmitter for the purpose of sending radio signals. The important thing to remember about collocated hosting is that you’re totally responsible for the operation of your server software, storage of data, backup procedures and a number of other things.

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