Using Ipage WordPress Hosting Service

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For any personal or business blog site, the uptime and server speed in addition to the affordability offered by a hosting service are the key things to look for. Ipage WordPress hosting service offers all three and gives great service while at it. The hosting service by Ipage offers a great package that has excellent free bonuses that are normally an additional cost with other hosting services. Ipage WordPress hosting service offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfers and much more in addition to making your WordPress blog highly visible on the internet.

At $ 2.99 per month, the Ipage WordPress hosting service is hard to beat. When one assesses the additional free products offered, one cannot help but be impressed with what Ipage has managed to pack into this offer. For the $ 2.99/month, one gets unlimited data transfers and bandwidth which are very crucial when dealing with a dynamic site. There is also unlimited domain hosting and MySQL database storage. This is very helpful in a blog as it helps the blog have different sub-domains dealing in sub topics. Ipage WordPress hosting service seems very well tailor made for blogging sites.

Blog hosting also requires good support as these days many of the bloggers are not necessarily tech geeks. Ipage WordPress hosting service has taken this into consideration with their 24/7 customer support that includes a live chat feature and a toll free phone support option. This support includes a free email ticketing feature. This great technical support has been very impressive to most clients who are not yet very technical at web design and management. The Ipage WordPress hosting service has ensured that there is smooth operation for websites with multiple domains or sites with its supportive technical assistance.

Good blogs are defined by the number of visitors participating in the topics on the site. This might be limited when the blog comes in one language. Not so with the Ipage WordPress hosting service. There is a language translator offered for blogs that has 48 language capabilities with all the major languages supported. This gives the blog a very big audience and reaches more participants. Ipage WordPress hosting service is a first in language support capability making it very attractive for business blogs especially.

Of course a blog will not be of significance without visibility. Ipage WordPress hosting service sees to it that the blogs hosted have adequate marketing tools to increase their web presence. The service has $ 175 worth free marketing credits that can be used on Google and Yahoo. With the experience of hosting over one million sites, the Ipage hosting service has optimized its packages for hosting to meet the clients needs. This can be seen in the affordability of the Ipage WordPress hosting service. At $ 2.99/month few other services can beat it. Considering that majority of the blog hosting services offer their services for more than $ 6/month, it is highly recommended to use Ipage for blog hosting.

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