Understanding the Key Factors to Look Out For Your Web Hosting Provider

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Today with more than 17000 web hosting companies on the internet, it is pretty easy for anyone to be over-whelmed by this huge numbers and get bewildered when trying to choose the right web host. Among the list of critical factors, most of us are aware of the few key ones such as reliability, price, security, customer service, up-time, etc. However, in reality, choosing the right web host is a lot more difficult than what you expect.

Today, Internet has become today’s hottest trend in shopping, as it enable us to shop online for almost everything. Not only that it saves time and money, it also makes shopping across the regions effortless by removing potential geographical barriers and distance. However, Internet shopping is a virtual type of shopping where you need to do business with a complete stranger. No one can avoid the possibility of meeting with unscrupulous web hosting providers out there. Therefore, everyone needs to be cautious and pay close attention to some of these key factors when looking out for web hosting provider to facilitate your decision making;

a. Check out the back-ground and history of the web service providers thoroughly before you sign up with any of them. Appearances can be deceiving so don’t judge the quality of the web hosting provider by looking at its website appearance and attractiveness, but to investigate in-depth on what kind of features are offered to their customers, and how well do they manage their technical support and customer experience.

b. Many of these companies have setup a dedicated area at their websites where they can upload customers’ testimonials towards their services and plans. Be reminded that not all the testimonials get posted at the site as they are screened through by the web host. Only those from satisfied and happy customers get posted onto the site. Keep in mind that these testimonials cannot by any chance represent all of their customers’ comments and feedback.

c. Avoid those with high customer turnover rate. It is not difficult to understand why. Most of their customers decided to withdraw from the contract after a few months because of dissatisfaction of the poor quality with their services and server up-time.

d. Review your online business needs for the right type of web hosting server – If you are expanding your business, surely the dedicated hosting server is the right choice for you. Dedicated server offers many additional features on top of the basic ones. At the same time, a greater amount of resources are feasible from a dedicated web host such as higher bandwidth, wider disk space which helps to facilitate your web hosting services for your clients.

e. Do not over emphasize on the cost of the web service plans. Remember that you get what you pay for! There are potential risks and negative consequences which we may end up with when it comes to cheap web service plan. It is highly recommended to pay a little more for an affordable plan which can meet all your necessary requirements instead of accommodating the plan from a cheap web host with poor quality and limited features.

When you are searching for web hosting, reverse researching is important where you should find out the complaints about the host. Which field they are weak in? What mistake they always do? This can give you a clear picture on their performance. For more information, check out webhosting reviews.

Darren is a full time web developer attached with a web hosting company.

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