Understanding Dedicated Web Hosting Services

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If your website, online business, is experiencing a large increase in traffic, in turn generating more revenue and profits for the business you may want to consider dedicated web hosting. Dedicated hosting servers are faster and without the increase of loading time for the end user, are capable of handling higher volumes of traffic and site usage. The best way to evaluate dedicated web hosting service providers is through power and price.

PowerIncomparable with shared hosting services, the server specification offered by dedicated hosting are much higher. Websites that offer e-commerce and services like streaming video and high quality videos for downloading, such as tutorials, require more RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is the most important element in the power specifications of a hosting server. Websites that use a CMS (Content Management System) also require more RAM to support the number of simultaneous users. Talk to your webmaster or IT guru to determine how much RAM your website is going to require. Also in case of the dedicated servers you get 100% of the server resources which you have ordered for but in case of shared hosting the same are shared between hundreds of different customers.

PriceWindows dedicated web hosting servers and Linux dedicated hosting servers are the two major types used today. If your business has primarily used shared hosing services to date the price of dedicated web hosting may seem a bit high. However, it is important to know that dedicated web hosting services are geared toward individual businesses rather than several, or even dozens of websites that share the space on a particular server. The best price can often be determined by options included in various hosting packages. Some of these options include the number of domains one can have, the number of email accounts, the availability of tech support staff, and the amount of bandwidth provided to a business.

Dedicated Server Control Panels and Managed Dedicate Servers are among the different types of dedicated web hosting available. Before choosing the hosting service provider best suited for you business it is important to familiarize yourself with these types of dedicated hosting. Consider the needs of your company including usability for your IT department and the services that you wish to provide to your website’s visitors, as they are your potential clients. Do not forget that these are backed with data backup and higher up-time because of better CPU resources which means that you don’t have to worry about the hosting section for your business.

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