SuperGreen – One of the Greenest Web Hosts Out There

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Unlike many hosting companies, who are there to just make money, SuperGreen is a shared hosting provider with some ethics. The ethics in this case are the those involved in running greener servers. These include improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint and reusing materials.

You may think that the your shared hosting server may not be a big impact on the environment, as you may be comparing it to your laptop or desktop computer. However, the energy requirement required to run a hosting server far exceed a users home computer.

A typical hosting server will run on much more powerful servers, with 8 core CPU, lots of RAM and large amount of hard disk. Unlike a home computer, a hosting server will have many web accounts running on these server continuously 24 hours a day, every day of the year. So the CPU and hard disks are running around the clock, consuming a lot energy continuously. In addition, there is a lot of heat generated, so to keep the servers cool, and thus reduce hardware failure, the servers need extensive cooling requirements to keep the 99% uptime.

To Quote SuperGreen the ‘average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV’. In actually figures, the CO2 emissions of the server is 12.5 tonnes, this is over 20 times your PC, and more than double the average car.

This is a huge amount, especially when you consider that the internet is growing at an alarming rate, so as more and more websites are hosted, more and more energy is being used up on top of the emissions.

This was obviously a bit worrying to the founders of SuperGreen, who then set up a plan to be the most greenest hosting service in the industry. They achieve this by two features.

First all the web sites run on energy efficient Dell servers that give 20% less CO2. Although it maybe possible to run their servers on more efficient servers, they would have to reduce the CPU power of their servers which would make them less competitive against other hosting providers. Instead, SuperGreen makes up the other 80% CO2 by planting tress. So in effect you server is produces zero percent CO2.

As well as being a green hosting company, Supergreen all offer a great hosting package. One that offers unlimited hosting, storage and transfer. It is one of the top web hosting packages we recommend at

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