Steps to Upload a Free WordPress Blog Into Your Hosting Account Server to Customize it As You Want

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Steps to upload a free WordPress blog into your hosting account server to customize it as you want:

Although you can create a free blog at however if you want to customize it as your own liking then you will have to upload it into your hosting server.

Here are the steps to upload a free blog at your host:

1. First to download a WordPress blog script. So go to and download WordPress 2.6.5. (its open source, so free)

2. Now to download a ftp software. So go to and download core ftp software free.

3. After downloading coreftp in your desktop click on it for set up.

4. To set up click on add new site: site name: host: user: password: if you have a hosting account you should have all these information. Otherwise pls contact with your host.

5. after new site added click on the new added site. then you will be connected with the host server.

6. there you will see a left window that is your computer, right window your host server

7. at right window you will see public_html, click on it. or if you see the public_html at top address bar of right window then nothing to do.

8. now at left window select the WordPress you download earlier.

9. then at left window just at top of open left box there is an arrow from left to right. it transfers files from left to right. click it.

10. your loaded WordPress at computer will be uploaded to host server. it may take time considering internet speed.

Then there will be needed some set up at uploaded WordPress script which i will cover in my future article here.

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