So What Exactly is Web Hosting?

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The internet is essentially a large city. There are streets that data move down, and there are stores and residences where people sell things and document their lives. The internet, unlike cities, houses millions of websites. These are the buildings of the city. Just like in the real world, you can’t build anywhere you want. You need to get a mortgage on a home, or rent on an apartment in the real world. In the world of the internet, you don’t need a mortgage but you do need a space to rent for your website. Where you get that is from a hosting company. Without web hosting companies, there would be essentially no websites and with no websites, there is no internet.

Essentially, a web hosting service is a type of hosting service on the internet that allows both individual people and larger organizations the ability to have a website. This gives them a presence on the internet, allowing them to meet their friends and clients in an online world. A hosting company will offer space on its server to clients for websites. These clients, individuals and businesses, will pay for the space on the server hard drive and for the internet connectivity of the website.

For web hosting companies, one of the biggest tasks they have is ensuring the servers are always up. While Linux web host servers are well-known for their reliability, there are other servers based off of Windows software that are not as reliable. Generally, all web hosting providers try and provide 99.9 percent up-time. Only a few make this and no web host makes 100 percent because of planned restarts to servers for maintenance. If a web host has a history of going down on occasion but wants to entice users to use their servers, they will offer cheap hosting rates or service level agreements that offer reduced costs and refunds if there are any problems with server performance.

As an individual or a company, you need to have a good hosting company if you want to have an online presence. A good hosting company will not only provide you with hard drive space and bandwidth, but also other features to help you with your website. These will include advertising packages, reduced rates, PHP and ASP.Net programming services and more.

Web hosting is the backbone of the internet, and it is important you have a web hosting company who provides the best service to you.

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