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Do you have your own website for your online business? Or does your company have a company or e-commerce website to boost your potential market? If you do, you need a service called server hosting in order to have a web server host your website.

Server hosting is all about serving web pages to viewers upon request. The web server that hosts your website has a unique address so that other computer units that are connected to the Internet will know where to find your website.

If you use server hosting for your website, you have to rent out a space on the web server so you can set up your own website. The web server then assigns an exclusive website address to your website in order to host it.

Why is server hosting important to your online business? The answer is to boost your online presence. Even if your online business starts small, you will eventually get more exposure and your online target market will be aware of your presence. If you have a website but you do not rely on server hosting, how can you possibly make your potential market check your website?

If you want server hosting for your website, you have to consider the reliability of the web server before you avail of the service. You have to make sure that the web server can give you access to many features that you need to run your online business. These features include email systems, virtual storefronts and database development tools. You just have to look at the server’s record, which is supposed to be an uptime of 99.5% or above in order to be considered a reliable web server.

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