Rack Space: Keep your Dedicated Hosting Server Safe and Secure

Hosting Service 20.9.2012 Comments Off on Rack Space: Keep your Dedicated Hosting Server Safe and Secure

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Rack Space: Keep your Dedicated Hosting Server Safe and Secure – Internet – Web Hosting

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Rack space is the area where computer servers along with audio and video equipment are located in the data center and form an integral part of a computer server cabinet installation. Placing server along with the audio, video equipment is useful as it saves energy. Rack space is not a new concept as it has been around for years and with the process adopted by the centralized network resources, this has become quite popular for storing server and central equipment. The need of rack space arises in colocation where a client place their server machine in the space alloted by the colocation service provider. Once the server has been completely set it is physically taken to the location of the colocation provider and is installed in the rack space provided by them. Colocation provider then provides IP, bandwidth and power to the server and the server is accessible just like a website with only difference that hardware is owned by the client.

Rack space provided by the colocation service provider is usually of 19 or 23 inches and accommodates several pieces of equipment that are properly arranged. The space in one rack unit is 1.75 inches. The rack space offer more efficiency to the server compared to the traditional server room where equipment is located in less dense space. Server placed in rack space have better cooling and easier access because of the fact that airflow is directed from front to back. Majority of the colocation service provider are adopting this method thereby becoming more compact while using less energy.

Today most of the business organizations prefer to colocate their business server for dealing and managing company data systems and information mainly because it greatly lowers the costs incurred and is exactly as effective as an individual data center. Businesses having dedicated hosting server but are lack of space and resources to manage their own individual data center usually opt for colocation in which the space is rented in data center to store the server. All the other additional costs like air conditioning, network expenses, power, generators and 24/7 support staff are bear by the data centers.

Server colocation service provider house servers of different companies at their facility and by taking their service a business can place and manage its server at a secured site. The management and maintenance of the server is carried out by the server colocation service provider and they offer great number of features to its customers. The colocation service provider provide rack space to store the server of different businesses and companies and provide regulated power supply, secure Internet connections, fire detection, backup generators and several other services.

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