How to Market Your Business Online: How To Get a Website Online

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Article by Phillip Stone

How to Market Your Business Online: How To Get a Website Online – Internet

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To start your venture on learning how to get a website online, you are going to have to build the website before you do anything. You can either have a website designed professionally for you, or you can design it yourself. If you don’t know how to design a website, there are plenty of html editors that are easy to use that you will be able to create a website with. Some of these editors include: CoffeeCup, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion and Opera Dragonfly. Now these are just a few of the WYSIWYG editors. There are also basic text editors, source code editors and word processors you can use if you have the right knowledge.

Before get a website online, you are going to first have to decide on a domain name for your site. A domain name is the address that is used to input in a web browser to locate your site. You will want to choose a domain name that is related to the content on your site. If you are going to get a website for a company, try to choose a domain name that is the exact name of the business if it is not already taken.

After you have decided on a domain name, you will want to find a web hosting provider that will get your website online for you. A web hosting company is the one that will host your site on their web servers so that you site can be seen online by internet users using their web browsers. You should do some research when finding which web hosting company you want to use for your website. Find out how much bandwidth, disk space and features you will be receiving with your package.

Once you have decided on a web hosting company, it will be time to purchase a hosting package to accommodate your site. You can have the hosting company register your domain for you or you can choose to register on your own prior to purchasing your web package. Once your domain is live and the hosting company has created an account on their server for you, you can begin to upload the files to your website. Once all your files are uploaded, you are ready to start promoting your site!

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