How to Install WordPress Themes on a Web Server

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WordPress is by far the most preferred platforms for creating blogs. In order to make your site accessible on the web, you need to install it on a web server. Here are some steps that will help you installing WordPress on a website hosting server.

Steps to follow to install WordPress theme:

1. You need to visit the WordPress website and download the most recent WordPress codex. It will be present in.tar,.gz format.

2. Next, you need to do is make an empty MySQL database on the web hosting server.

3. You need to add a user to your database and grant him all the privileges.

4. In order to install WordPress, you can make a directory, such as wp1 or something similar on the website hosting server under the public HTML file

5. Go to the downloaded codex and extract it to any location on your hard disk drive.

6. You need to add the file structure to the wp1 directory that you created on the web server.

7. Next, you need to define all the permissions on the folders starting from wp1 all the way to (chmod 755 wp1)

8. You need to rename the file wp-confi-sample.php to wp-config.php and then open the file and add all the user information and also add the MySQL database name.

9. Open a web browser and type the following web address in order to initiate the launcher so as to finish your WordPress installation:

10. The WordPress installation procedure will take only a few minutes to complete and you will be provided with instructions to guide you to successfully complete the installation. After this, you will then need to verify the login details and database information.

If you skip any of the steps mentioned above, you will not be able to install your WordPress.

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