How To Fix a Poor Crawl Rate on Your Site

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Article by Henry Followes

How To Fix a Poor Crawl Rate on Your Site – Business

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If you want Google to really notice your website, you need to make sure it has a really high crawl rate. If your site gets crawled more often, there’s a much higher chance of actually being able to rank for the keywords you’ve chosen. Besides that, Google is a big fan of the websites that are updated on a regular basis and that get crawled a lot. This is where you give Google what it wants so that it will give you what you want: the highest position possible within the search results pages. Your question is, then, what do you do to raise the frequency with which your site gets crawled? What can you do to make this happen? The following article discusses three useful tips to help you boost your site’s crawl rate…

Perhaps the most important thing you need to understand is your page rank. The higher your site’s page rank is, the better it’ll rank for the targeted keyword. So focus on improving the page rank by getting backlinks from high PR sites or blogs. It takes a while to raise your PR but it’s worth it in the long haul. Having a high page rank has many advantages. A favored Google listing is just one of those benefits. Work on slowly but steadily raising your page ranking because this will help you with your goal of raising your crawl rate. If your pages are heavy and load slowly, then it’ll affect the crawl rate of your site. You need to focus on getting rid of any of the unwanted widgets and wingdings that might be reducing your page’s size. This will make your site much faster. This way Google and the other sites will have an easier time crawling your website more often. Also, make sure that you lower the number of graphics and images that get used. If you have to use images on your website, then keep the sizes of those images small. The goal here is to ensure that you aren’t bogging down your website’s loading and running time.

Hosting your website or blog on a reliable server is important. If your server doesn’t have good uptime then your crawl rate is going to suffer. If the search engine bots visit your website then obviously you are going to want it to be up. Since we don’t really know when they pay a visit, having a good uptime rate becomes necessary. In addition to this, you need to make sure that there aren’t any technical glitches. It’s important that your website be as accessible as possible as often as possible. Sometimes even the tiniest errors can cause major problems. Keep this on your radar all of the time. And there it is! Some quick tips to help you boost the crawl rate of your website so that you can kick things up a notch. If you look at things from an SEO standpoint, you’ll see that a higher crawl rate is important for improving your traffic. It can also help to improve the relationship that you share with Google. You’ll find more of your pages indexed and ranked. Make sure that you only choose ethical routes to achieve this goal. Google doesn’t like websites that use spammy methods to find success. No matter what your site is about, make sure that you apply all of these tips to get good results.

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You can use these techniques for any site. It does not matter if your site is on business or swtor planets list, these strategies are valid. You advertise a website on just like you would with any other website.

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