How to Create a WordPress Website

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How to Create a WordPress Website – Web 2.0 – Blogs

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WordPress is a well-known content management system used by millions of websites and blogs. For newbies to creating websites, they will find that it does not require any technical or coding expertise. Simply by following these steps on how to setup and install WordPress, you can be on their way to building their own site.

To start the process of how to setup and install WordPress, you have to source for a web hosting service. Although there are free web hosting servers out there, they might not work well with WordPress. There are good paid web hosting servers that can even make the installation of WordPress easier, especially for beginners. One recommended web hosting server is Bluehost, in fact, with even just one account here, you can already host several websites.

Beginners can find that using web hosting tools like Fantastico can help then install WordPress. But for those with more expertise, you can also do this manually. You just need to go to the WordPress download website ( You need to then unzip the downloaded file from your hard drive and follow instructions on installing WordPress.

Once you have finished installation, you need to set up WordPress for your own use. You can start by creating your user profile by going to Users and then clicking on Your Profile. Continue by setting your site name and other site information by going to Administration, then Settings and clicking on General. By this point, you are almost finished with the process of how to setup and install WordPress.

Add your own flair and personality to your site by customizing the theme by going to Administration, then click on Appearance and then Themes. There are already thousands of WordPress themes to choose from. Widgets can also be added to your site to make it more interesting for your audience.

Once you have setup your site and begun publishing your first posts, you can explore WordPress Plugins that can even further enhance your blogging experience. You may visit the WordPress Plugin Directory to find plugins that can help you, for example, by editing or conducting spell checks on your posts. Adding, managing and even deleting plugins is also easy.

For those who wondered how to setup and install WordPress, you can now see that it is not only for the experts. You might even find yourself exploring the vast advanced uses of WordPress and continuously improving your skills in building and managing your own website.

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