How to Choose a Website Hosting Provider

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When starting out, it is quite easy to overlook some of the important factors en purchasing your first website hosting package. When you are looking at the different packages available by each website hosting provider, you may get confused with all the different options as well as what you are really going to need.

Most newcomers will judge the provider by how much space or storage they are offering them. They will think the more space the better. This is not like buying a new hard drive for your computer. You should choose a package with the amount of space you are going to need with a little room to grow. You should be able to upgrade as your website grows.

There are plenty of other features you should be looking at besides the amount of space you are going to receive. The amount of space or storage you will be receiving is just one of many features of your website hosting package.

A very important feature you should find out when purchasing your website hosting package is their uptime. The more uptime the provider guaranties, the better. You should be looking at a minimum guaranteed uptime of 99%. Who wants a website that is always going to be down and giving their visitors error messages? Having a site that is always down might risk your chances of getting removed from search engines you are indexed in.

You need to find out if they offer tech support and when it is available. If your website goes down or you are unable to access you control panel for example, you want to be able to get someone on the phone that you can talk to. Some hosting providers offer 24/7 customer support as others only offer support at certain times of the day and night.

You need to find out how much bandwidth you are going to be allowed to use and if it is going to be enough for your site. Some hosting providers have a limit on the bandwidth your site receives and some will offer unlimited bandwidth. Make sure to pick a package with enough bandwidth for your site. Some hosting providers will shut down your site if you exceed your bandwidth limits or charge you extra fees. You also need to find out which programming languages are available. If you have more than just a basic html based website, you are going to need to have different programming languages available on the web server you are hosting your site on.

Don’t rush into the first deal you find. There are thousands of website hosting providers online offering all sorts of deals on their packages. The best suggestion is to do some research first before you make any final decisions.

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