How to Choose a Web Hosting Service – 4 Tips to Get You Started

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So you have planned to make a website and want a web hosting service that is best and suites you. Let me tell you that there are certain features which should be looked upon before choosing a web hosting service. You might know some of the top web hosting services like Hostgator and Just host, but you will never know that what are the problems that you will face after getting your site hosted. However, there is no need to worry because below you will find the features which are must to have in a web hosting service.

1. Excellent support ( most crucial).

Excellent and fast support is the first and the most crucial feature which should be looked in every web hosting company. You may face tons of problems if you are a newbie and without fast support, it might be possible that you can’t solve the problem on your own. The range of problems can vary from technical problems to billing problems and honestly I hate technical problems since they are very difficult to solve.

2. 99.9% up time Guarantee.

99.9% up time guarantee is another feature that should be in the hosting company you are going to choose. Up time in the term of hosting services means that the amount of time your website will be up and running. There are tons of services out there which promise 100% up time guarantee, but believe me that only one or two out there really fulfill their promise.

3. Cheap rates.

Yes! money has value and that is why we need to look out for the most cheapest and the best web hosting service. You will experience many hosting services with high price promising you to give premium and best services, but believe me that they are not worth even checking out. As I said above, there are only one or two services which really dominate the competition.

4. Unlimited disk space, bandwidth and add-on domains.

Now this method is not a necessary one, but it ads more value to the hosting service when they provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth and add-on domain on a cheap rate. Add-on domain is a feature is a must one even if the two other mentioned are not available because I think that you should have no limitations on how much domains you can host for a fees that you have to pay per month.

Well if you are searching for a service that has all the features written above, then your search ends here because I have a web hosting service that can not only provide these features, but also some additional important features. Check out my resource box below for more information.

Well you might not know, but Host gator is the only web hosting service that gives access to tons of features including the ones written above. They have very cheap rates that even a kid can pay and quality is so good that they have won 7 service awards which no other company is able to get. But before purchasing make sure you learn all the facts about Host gator and read my personal review at Host gator review.

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