Helpful Tips on How to Compare Web Hosting Services

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An important and time consuming task all entrepreneurs should consider before launching their website is carefully comparing web hosting services. The fruits of this effort can be very rewarding taking into account the hassle it saves and 24-7 access it provides to your customers. Obtaining substantial traffic can be a grueling endeavor and your hard work is far better spent on promoting your business as opposed to fixing problems.

Creating an organized template before you compare web hosting services will prove extremely useful and will help make your analysis far simpler. Use a spreadsheet software and jot down all the main features you are about to evaluate for every hosting service. The names of the web hosts will be mentioned above each column. You should clearly state your requirements for each of the features in the template before you start comparing different web hosts.

Once you’re done with this simple task, start searching for web hosting companies and studying their offerings. Based on your business requirements start entering the details for each of the fitting services. Limit your scope to the top five to eight hosts as it will make your job a lot easier when you actually start to compare web hosting packages.

One way to limit your list is by using two key Internet metrics when you compare web hosting companies, namely Google page rank and Alexa’s traffic score. These are both well-known and reliable metric used by web entrepreneurs all across the world. Google’s page rank reveals how important a particular site is and should be determined for the main page of a website. The higher the score the more visitors and incoming links the web host receives.

Alexa on the other hand ranks each website relative to all other websites and does so on a daily basis. When you compare web hosting companies using Alexa, aim for ones that have a lower number. In other words a web host with a site ranking one hundred signifies that it is the top 100th site in the world and is better that a web host with a score of seven thousand.

The logic behind using these metrics is quite sound and they prove to be really beneficial when you compare web hosting services. Simply put, it shows the number of visitors and popularity with other website owners over a reasonable period of time. A web host that has high rankings in both metrics over a considerable period of time is bound to be reliable and a safe choice. Combined with price and features, this way of comparing services is much simpler and less risky.

Get a head start on your business and use this easily understandable table to compare web hosting services that fit your needs. Irrefutable Internet metrics and solid facts only. Go ahead and take a peek.

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