Finding A Good Hosting Service

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At the same time being online makes a company simply ‘feel’ more modern and high tech and this means you stay relevant and that others will think you are likely forward thinking in other areas of your runnings that will affect the quality of your product or service. At the same time it gives you better customer service, and even allows you to sell things directly meaning you have to pay fewer members of staff and letting you open up your market to include other countries abroad as well as towns and cities a long way away that otherwise would never hear of your business much less drive to a store in order to make a purchase.

As such then, every company needs a website or at least an email address and this means that every company needs hosting. Understanding what hosting is is of course the first step to being able to choose a good hosting company and get the best service, and doing so will give you more than a marginally better service. A hosting service essentially then, is the company that provides you with the ‘space’ where you hold your files. Server hosting means that they have a large computer connected to the internet called a server. When someone navigates to a certain address (this being your URL which should come with your server hosting) they will then be shown the files on that server. You upload or edit these files as you wish and that means that you can change the appearance of your website (for ease and to keep things standardised, all browsers will automatically show the file ‘index’ on the server when they navigate to the associated address.

There are different factors in server hosting that make one service better than the other, but of course by choosing the more impressive service you end up paying more and not everyone ill need the exact same options.

One thing to bear in mind is the amount of ‘space’ you are given on the server, and this refers to essentially the memory that the server gives you. In much the same way as your hard drive is likely to have around 100 gigabytes up to a terabyte of storage, so you are given a set amount of memory on your server. This means that a company with lots of large files will want to pay more in order to get more space, and the best deals offer you unlimited space so that you can store as many files as you want.

Meanwhile the ‘bandwidth’ refers to how much data can be transferred at one time. If you are expecting to have lots of visitors downloading a lot of data then, it is important that you have high bandwidth or your server will go down and prevent any more transfers being made for a set amount of time each time your limit is exceeded. For a business selling products or services, that down time could mean losing valuable deals and customers.

The company itself is also important to bear in mind – their customer service and the reliability of their servers to stay live and not undergo lots of problems. Try searching names of different hosting companies and ensure that they have good reputation.

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