Dedicated Web Hosting Services in India

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Article by Nisha Soni

Dedicated Web Hosting Services in India – Internet – Web Hosting

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With the advent of information technology revolution, Web Hosting in India has emerged as a booming business. The country today has 80 million internet users with a large chunk of this population having their own websites. As web hosting service is needed to make one’s website accessible to World Wide Web, the race for providing the best of the hosting service to this vast consumer group is getting intense among hosting service provider in the country.

Among all kinds of web hosting services, dedicated web hosting, with its individualistic and personal touch, has emerged as the most coveted web hosting service in India. Within a short span of time a host of companies providing dedicated server hosting has mushroomed in India. The subscription to dedicated web hosting service relieves the customers of the hassles that they may have to face if they opt for other hosting services where they have to share their websites with others. Some of these hassles are slow speed, low connectivity and breach of privacy and security.

The presence of a numerous Dedicated Web Hosting has brought down the cost of these services significantly. As most of this dedicated web hosting companies promise one-stop, reliable hosting experience and 24/7/365 service, customers are having a pleasant dilemma of choosing the most efficient one from a host of companies offering cheap dedicated server in India.

Today, hiring a dedicated server hosting in India gives you complete control over your hosted server including the operating system and hardware. Most of the dedicated hosting service providers in India also offers database hosting.

Database Hosting in India is available which can meet the specifications of any particular business aided by skilled and trained manpower for managing any type of network or server environments. Comprehensive security procedures are followed to ensure the safety of your dedicated server from the various network threats. Database Hosting in India is provided for databases like Oracle, Microsoft and many more.

With different business having different needs, choosing the best hosting service as per your needs often is the most critical initiative of your business. Thankfully, Web hosting in India is available to meet all such needs. The clients, however, need to be discerning and judicious about choosing their dedicated web hosting plan or any other plan. Dedicated server hosting in India for cheap dedicated server or highly efficient one can all be attained under one roof if you choose the right company.

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Nisha Soni writes for Go4Hosting an Dedicated Web Hosting Company provide Web Server Hosting India, Virtual Server Hosting, Dedicated server hosting India, Database hosting India, Email hosting India, Windows server hosting India and all other Data Center Colocation India services.

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Nisha Soni

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