Dedicated Web Hosting: Is It The Right Hosting Solution For You?

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Many web hosting providers put shared web hosting as the front liner because these plans are affordable and often come with fantastic add-ons and bonuses.

But if you check out the other web hosting plans, you might notice a few more expensive web hosting plans available. If you see “dedicated server” as the description, you have the option to choose a more reliable and faster web hosting package.

About Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting in an option where the hosting provider offers the whole server as hosting space to the customer. Customers have greater control over the server and may utilize the full specifications of the server since this kind of website hosting does not involve sharing with other customers.

This should lead to better site stability and higher performance even under high loads. This explains the higher costs per month to pay although the exact amount depends on the specifications of the server and other features. Prices usually start at around $ 100 and can exponentially go up for server-grade specs.

Common Characteristics amongst Dedicated Website Hosting Plans

Customers that have a dedicated server can come up with a website that can utilize multiple cores of the CPU resulting in much better performance when hosting applications.

Hosting providers are also a bit more open about the available disk space so you can properly manage your resources and downloadable content. Although hard disk space is limited, any hosted data should be safe as these servers have backup units in case things go wrong.

One of the biggest benefits of having a dedicated website hosting is the unmetered bandwidth. Shared hosting packages may offer unlimited bandwidth as well but you may get a hidden charge if you pass a certain threshold.

Therefore, if you are hoping to offer lots of multimedia content to a large amount of web users, it is much safer to go with a dedicated website hosting package. You know how much you will be paying for every month and you do not lose on performance if hundreds of people try to check out your site’s content.

Specific Features to Look For

Since you are paying a lot for your site to be hosted on a dedicated server, you should check the company’s reputation as a whole. A good reputation counts as one of the most important features because that is where you can get a better idea on the server’s uptime, customer support, and server performance.

While website hosting companies are open with these specifications, remember that these web hosting companies are competing with others and want to make their offerings as attractive as possible.

Regarding other features, free setup is a huge plus as some providers may have a rather pricey setup fee. Always check for any fine print before clicking that payment button. You should also see the upgrading options if you find out that your site needs more RAM or disk space.

If you are planning to install a certain web application or site interface, you should also check the operating system and other features of the server. A good dedicated hosting provider should provide you with customization options along with their descriptions so you can figure out what features you really need for your dedicated host.

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