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A dedicated server hosting contract is a major step up from a shared hosting account. With a shared hosting account your website is hosted on a web server along with hundreds of other web sites belonging to other customers of the hosting provider. This works fine for the average web site but if you have a large number of web site visitors or you need to run a script that requires system access outside the scope of the hosting providers terms then a dedicated server will provide you with the processing resources and control that you need.

The easiest way to explain what a dedicated server is and how it differs from shared hosting is to use the filing cabinet analogy. Think of the web hosting server as a filing cabinet. Your shared hosting account is like one of the files in the drawer of the filing cabinet. It exists in the same space as many other files, but is kept separated because it is in its own folder. This is how shared hosting works. There are many hosting accounts and each are enclosed in their own folder.

With a dedicated hosting account you have control over the entire filing cabinet. You have full access to the whole of the server and it is not shared with any other customer. The hosting service provides you with a complete server and you can use the server in any way you wish as long as you don’t violate the providers terms and conditions. If any of the hardware fails the hosting provider will usually carry out any repairs or maintenance at no charge to you.

There are two different types of dedicated hosting – managed and un-managed. With un-managed hosting it is entirely your responsibility to keep the server software up to date, ensure that the server is secure and carry out any periodic maintenance that may be required. Managed hosting provides varying levels of additional support from the hosting provider. This can include server monitoring where the hosting provider will be alerted if the server is unreachable and act promptly to rectify any problems.

The main advantages of a dedicated hosting server are the increase in resources (because you aren’t sharing them with anyone) and the extra flexibility with regard to what you can install on the server and how you can utilize it as a resource. With shared servers the hosting company has to be a little bit more cautious with what they allow you to install. This is to protect the other people who have hosting accounts on the server. These restrictions don’t exist with a dedicated server and as long as you’re not doing anything illegal you won’t be prevented from using the server however you see fit. As an example, I have several servers so I have them set up to act as backup servers for each other. Instead of having to back up onto the same server I have a remote backup for each one. I also run some custom scripts that require access to server utilities that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

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