Dedicated SEO Hosting Is the Solution for High End Online Business

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Owning a large business and finding it difficult to organize the marketing and brand promotions, is a common fact today but Dedicated SEO Hosting can surely change the game with perfectly capable set of Multiple Class C IPs.

Every leading business has always relied on some or the other way of advertisement and brand promotion to win their clientele, but nothing can be compared to Dedicated SEO Hosting and the ocean of opportunities offered by it to the business owner. Virtually there is no business left untouched by SEO Hosting and the main reason is Multiple Class C IPs that work wonders with popularizing a website on the web.

There are three types of SEO Hosting servers and SEO hosting is divided into 3 types according to the server type.

A shared server is the one having multiple clients share it for hosting their respective sites, with less expenses as well as limited facilities in terms of disk space, bandwidth and security.

A dedicated server is the one having maximum privileges in SEO hosting for the money site. It comes with plenty of disk space, high bandwidth and memory space to cater the client. It hosts websites of a single client and charges the most among the servers with a high maintenance cost.

Now let’s put some light on VPS which is a shared server physically but virtually 100% dedicated in nature. It means, a VPS is the best combination that merges quality with cost, i.e. the cost is bit higher than a shared server but too low from the dedicated servers. Here the services are completely reliable and secure like the dedicated server even though all the clients share same physical system at once.

· A dedicated server offers the customer care facility that acts on priority basis, that means dedicated server issues get preference among the others and resolved quickly.

· The IPs and domains offered in a dedicated server performs at their best as high bandwidth and disk space is available.

· WHM control panels are offered to manage multiple domains, unlimited email accounts, MySQL and PHP DB, FTP and sub-domains with so much other facilities with a centralized login account that can control them all without seeking the individual ID and password for the web accounts.

· With Dedicated Hosting, a money site receives the best exposure online and definitely boosts the SERP rankings across the globe.

· Due to the heavy cost maintenance these hosting services are preferred by giant corporations, where each department can be assigned to a dedicated server and the data remains tightly secured for the business. Even a single server can be virtually fragmented to a VPS and departments having moderate rate of traffic can be hosted under that server. It would manage the servers properly without adding much expense.

Having a dedicated hosting system in itself is a big boost for inbound traffic and plenty of visitors; apart from that the sales revenues grow up. At the end, getting featured at the top of leading SERPs promotes the brand saving the advertisement costs. is one of the premier portals on the World Wide Web which has been formulated with the intention of providing Dedicated SEO Hosting options for webmasters around the world who seek a way to ensure that their websites reach the top ranks of all major search engines. In this innovative technique of Virtual Private Server Hosting.

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