cPanel Hosting Service, comprehensive explained

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Article by Sophia Carcia

cPanel Hosting Service, comprehensive explained – Internet – Web Hosting

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cPanel Hosting Service, comprehensive explained

What is cPanel Hosting ServicecPanel is a graphical web-based control panel, designed to simplify administration of websites. cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels available. It is widely used by many web hosting companies in the provisioning of the Linux shared web hosting service. Through the user-friendly interface, you can handle various aspects of website administration. The software is distributed by cPanel Inc. and is proprietary. Web hosting companies who have paid the company monthly license fees can use it for commercialization. The same to the other control panel, cPanel isnt licensed by the number of domains that you are able to host. You are allowed to host unlimited number of domain name if the physical and virtual resource of the server is sufficient. cPanel will also run of low specification servers so that if you are going to host one or two website with low end server, cPanel can also be employed.

What are the advantages of cPanel hosting services?No matter whether you are a client of a shared web hosting or you own a VPS server or dedicated server, if you are using cPanelyou will enjoy many advantages of it. With cPanel, you are provided with a very intuitive and easy to use front end which you could use for your server management. Due to the way it was designed, cPanel is one of the fastest web hosting control Panels. That means both server administrators and their clients are able to complete their particular tasks in a quick time. This is a time saving process, which will in turn allows user to focus more on important tasks. While selecting a web hosting service, two important features you need to consider, namely, reliability and security, cPanel is supreme in these two aspects. Briefly speaking, the chief advantages of using cPanel hosting can be listed below:

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