Cheap Web Hosting – What to Look For in Web Hosting For Cheap

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Cheap web hosting does not have to mean bad web hosting. There are several budget web hosts out there that offer okay to above average services. All you have to do is know what to look for. Here are some tips:

1. Uptime: Uptime in hosting refers to the estimated time that the hosting server is live. The ideal is, of course, 100% but that never really happens. A good hosting service will allot some downtime to allow server maintenance. This ensures that you get consistent, good quality service. Choose a cheap web hosting with an uptime of above 99%.

2. Platform: The hosting platform is an important consideration when selecting cheap hosting. For one thing, your platform may be crucial the type of scripting languages you can use to design your pages. For instance, if you are using the ASP scripting language, you need to have an account that runs on Microsoft Windows operating system. If you are using PHP, on the other hand, you are better off with a Linux web hosting server.

The type of platform that you select for your hosting service is also important when it comes to the security of your website and files. Since hackers and malicious programs abound, server security is an important component when choosing cheap web hosting. In this aspect, Linux hosting servers are slightly ahead of the pack. This is because majority of hackers and malicious programs target computers and servers that run on Windows. Regardless of how protected your Windows hosting is, it is still more prone to attacks.

3. User Administration Features: When selecting a cheap host, you will find that some are decidedly easier to use than others. The usability of the admin management system of your hosting service is important, especially if your technical knowhow is limited. This management system is your way to control the configuration of your website, the pre-installed software to use, email configuration, FTP configuration and the like. You should be able to manage your site without consistently referring to support agents.

4. Location: While not as important as the others, the location of your hosting servers is also an important thing to consider when selecting a service. The location of your cheap web hosting can determine the network infrastructure available to you and the eventual accessibility of your website.

I have compiled a list of best cheap web hosting services in my directory. My top picks are HostGator and FatCow. Check it out now!

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