Benefits of VPS Over Shared Server Hosting

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Shared server hosting plans cannot be undermined as it is start up company’s best friend. So, you cannot ignore its importance. With shared server hosting, your website gets hosted for the first time on the World Wide Web and for the first time you realize how important the resources are for the smooth functioning of your website.

But shared server has its own limitations. And when your business has reached a certain point, you cannot do with the limited resources that the shared server web hosting service provider has to offer you. So, what do you do? You start looking for greener pastures!

And these greener pastures are either a dedicated server or Virtual Private Server hosting solutions. But everyone has certain limitations. It is quite likely that you may want the best server hosting plan available in the market.

But you must also be aware that the best also means that it must be expensive. And for small or medium sized business, you cannot just splurge money without having a guarantee that you are going to earn that cash back!

So, why not opt for a “middle path”. And that is offered by the much talked about Virtual Private Server also known as Virtual Dedicated Server web hosting plans.

Virtual Dedicated Servers – How will it help you?

By now you must have already known about the resources that are required for the effective working of your website and also your business online. These include RAM, extended RAM, disk space, memory, processors, security, customer support, and of course the price.

As long as you used shared server hosting plans, you could enjoy the abovementioned resources in a limited manner. And in some cases, you must have never got the opportunity to enjoy stuff like extended RAM (as it is not offered by shared server hosting service providers).

Now, if you get to enjoy all of the above stuff and in more capacity, it will certainly look attractive and appealing. And the fact is that they are.

If you talk about security, the VPS is more secured as you are not sharing disk space with any other website and the individual servers are protected by adequate antivirus protection that will not allow any other website to trespass your area. Your database is safe and so is your client information and details.

You will seldom face downtime as you will have an extended RAM that will address issues like sudden heavy web traffic and the like. And if you enjoy uptime for most of the time, that should solve half of your problem already.

The resources you share will not be on the basis of ‘first come first serve’ basis as it used to be in the case of shared server web hosting plans. For similar reasons, when your resources used to run out in shared server hosting, it was normal to see the message ‘Website not available’.

You will not be required to face this problem in case of VPS as you have assigned resources for your website.

Ipeer provides a powerful virtual server service-based Hosted Hyper-V and Windows Server 2008 R2. The platform is not dependent on the individual servers are functioning when the virtual server is moved automatically on the server equipment fails.

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