Beginner’s Guide to Operating a Dedicated Server

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Getting your own hosting package is the next step once you are finalized your website design and structure. You will need a host in order to upload your files and databases to the server so others can see it. If you go to the different sites that offer these services, you will find yourself choosing between shared and dedicated hosting. Shared servers are cheaper and easier to maintain than dedicated servers but dedicated hosting packages have their advantages if you learn how to operate them properly. Once you realize that your website can greatly benefit from a dedicated hosting plan, you can follow these beginner tips for operating your dedicated server.

Learning the Control Panel

The control panel is the area that you will access whenever you want to manage your website or configure your server options. There are different control panel software available and some of these control panels are very user-friendly. Go with those types of dedicated servers so you will not have a hard time in learning the ropes. Many companies that offer these packages provide screenshots of the control panel or demo accounts so you can really explore the control panel. If the company only gave the name of the control panel being used, head to the website of that control panel to learn more information. You will be accessing the control panel often when you do maintenance operations and other things so be sure to know your way around before moving on to other things. Ensure that you know how to do key tasks such as rebooting your server. You can take the opportunity to test these features while you have the chance since your site is not yet online.

Configuring Multiple Accounts

Many people go for dedicated servers because they can host several websites in the same server without worrying about speed penalties. Shared servers already have multiple sites hosted so the performance will degrade heavily once you decide to manage several sites. But hosting more websites on a single server mean more complicated management required. You can simplify this by creating multiple accounts for each site. You should have a single account already with your first website so setting up another should not be very difficult.

The only things that you need to think about include the disk space and bandwidth allocation. You need to make decisions based on your server and account’s features. You also need to set other appropriate settings including FTP support and root access if you want more control. Adding more control can open you up to some security issues so try to balance things out and experiment early while your site is still not yet live. If you plan on giving access to other people, create more accounts and make sure they are limited. For instance, you should be the only person to have root access to avoid breaches. Any dedicated hosting plan with a good control panel should guide you through the entire account creation process.

The rest of the process is similar to configuring a shared server. You must configure your domain and DNS settings along with your mail server options and other essentials for your site. Some control panels have a security check feature so you can see if your site is open for vulnerabilities. Use this feature before putting your site online so you will not have to worry about future threats. Once your site is open, you will enjoy the full speed and security benefits of having your site hosted on a dedicated server.

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