Basics About Web Hosting

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Web hosting is hosting your website on a server. It provides you the opportunity to own your space in the cyberspace where you can store your data, documents, your web page or site and even have your own mail server.

The web hosting server is a storage site of web files on the server. Most people do not have to buy a domain, as there are many free hosting providers. Some buy and install and maintain their own web hosting server. However, this requires advanced technical knowledge about hosting. The web hosting companies usually buy or rent servers, and other hosting infrastructure necessary to operate them. This means that whenever anyone hires a web hosting plan to host there website, they are actually renting a part of that entire infrastructure.

The content, images, videos, web layout design, etc. that makes up a web page are only a handful of files that make up what you see when you visit a website. The files on your website are stored and organized in folders on the web server which is seamlessly connected to the World Wide Web through the internet. How the web pages are displayed on the web browser is controlled by HTML or HyperText Markup Language. It is a markup language that provides a method for creating structured documents. This is done by denoting structural semantics for different elements of the web page such as text, headings, links, quotes, and other elements. The web servers simple serve the files requested by the web browser such as the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari Opera, and many more.

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