Articles on Website Hosting – Are We Trying to Scare People Away?

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We as resellers and reviewers etc…. Make website hosting sometimes seem like a science of some sort, a rarefied specialist subject that requires a high I.Q and only people wearing a shirt and tie with a degree at least have any business reading our hosting articles!

Nothing could be further from the truth. Like many things on and offline with their own language full of specialist terms and phrases like shared server hosting, Cpanels WHM fantastico, V.P.O. G.V.O Dedicated Servers Linux and Unix (I could go on) It seems to equate to complicated confusing and difficult! People including me, at one time… Are put off! And I am not ashamed to say scared! But once you get over the fear factor of the unknown and dive in hosting is surprisingly simple! Let me say that again hosting is surprisingly simple! Do not let the fear of the unknown stop you making a decision regarding hosting. Dive in get involved and learn, things will evolve and grow with you at your own pace, life online will be enhanced by your been in control and not relying on other peoples websites. You will learn and grow, and the value of your efforts online will multiply with your confidence and increased ability… Maybe you won’t have that million dollar without doing a thing website, that people talk about so much but, you will be one step closer, to knowing how to create a site of value! Get it online and seen by people and, your ideas will grow from your pre-hosting your own, site days. Try it and see… prove me wrong!

That last sentence was mainly for Internet Marketers who promote a product they believe in it totally for a while till the next one! And I am not knocking it. Been there done that and, I have got the T shirts, but think about it for a moment… the real success comes from having your own site and not using the company (every one has got one) site.

This like every article I write is straying off track, from hosting is easy, it is turning into promote yourself with your own site and rise above the pack as a leader! Which may not be the original starting point but hey if you need a reason to take the plunge and host your own site! How bad is that? As a reason too get started in a valuable and worthwhile direction? I will leave it there for now but writing this article has given me lots of ideas for the next one! See you soon. Just one last thing on how easy hosting is … Remember what the support section is for… Let them worry about technical stuff while you work on important projects like website promotion. Hosting with live support is good! They are the technophiles wizards you are a Marketer delegate! Remember shared server hosting is the way forward until your site’s make a profit that you can invest to grow more!

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