A 101 Guide to Web Hosting Services

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A web hosting service provider allows website owners the ability to reach millions of potential customers via the Internet, by hosting their website on a server. A user, the website owner, is allotted a specific amount of space upon a server. The servers, or computers which are dedicated to hosting, are located in data centers. Some users may require more space than others depending on the size and nature of their business. For instance, a business that sells products or a service on their website, incorporating ecommerce and or multimedia, would require more server space than a text only website, one which may simply provides information about their company.

Web servers are owned by the hosting provider, and again are located in what are called data centers. In some cases the data center will provide hosting services in addition to Internet connection for servers that might be owned by a third party hosting provider. Businesses and smaller hosting service providers may provide access to the Internet without the need to expand their data center through a process known as collocation.

Someone who is unfamiliar with the process of hosting might be asking: if a server is simply a dedicated computer, why can’t I use one of my own personal computers for hosting services? The answer is that it can in fact be done. What is termed self-hosting however, requires an incredibly strong connection to the Internet, often a T-1 line. Self-hosting, depending on one’s knowledge, may limit the options available for development. An advantage to self-hosting is that paying a service fee is not required. Along with this the offshore based servers have 100% power backup and internet backup to ensure that its never down.

Webpage hosting and minimal file hosting are the two main functions provided by web hosting companies. Webpage or single page hosting is geared towards the individual or small business websites. This type of hosting lacks the ability to handle larger sites such as those providing ecommerce services and is also limited in developmental capabilities. Minimal file hosting services allow for users to upload manageable and much smaller files through a web interface or the Internet’s File Transfer Protocol.

There are many other services that are provided from web hosting companies such as a script platform. A script platform allows for the development of more advanced features including community forums, filtering content, or the ability to electronically transfer money. Java and PHP are common script platforms found through the Internet.

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