3 Tips for Finding a Reliable Web Hosting Service

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A website is a must for any business or a professional for that matter. With so many web hosting service providers in the market, selecting the right one can take some effort. There are a few points to keep in mind and with these parameters it should not be too difficult to find the top 10 web hosting services. Some are expensive and offer the best. Some are tier II and will work for most people. After all best is a relative term. Anyone knows that the best way is to go to internet sites, which offer unbiased reviews about web hosting services in order to find the top 10 web hosting service providers. One may have to sift through technical jargon to pick the best. Here are a few important pointers:

A quality hosting service will have servers located in climate-controlled data centers connecting to the backbone through T1/T3 lines, offering more than 99% uptime and high speed connects. A quality host will also provide back up services and ensure that the website is always up and running and never slows down a site due to high traffic. A 24×7 support is always appreciated and an essential requirement.

The other factors one could take into consideration are support for scripts, special features, shopping carts, extra mail boxes and above all a control panel that will allow a client full control and management of his website.

Hardware is important – Whether it is a shared hosting or a VPS web-hosting or a dedicated server hosting, one has to look at the servers. So, cut through the marketing lingo and find out if your host has enough hardware strength to impress. Today there are single, dual, triple and quad core processor based servers with gigs of RAM and high speed hardware, which will contribute to a better overall performance.
Space, Bandwidth, Needs – Webhosting space and bandwidth become very important terms for larger sites. Personal websites usually do not require extended bandwidth. So, it is best to first assess the requirements and then search for the top 10 website hosting service providers who will offer the best package in terms of quality and service compared to price. Ensure your provider offers adequate space for your website and also preferably for mailboxes so that e-mail messages never bounce.
Prices and Services – Hosting service providers offer Linux-based servers and Windows-based variants with a variety of add-ons and hosting packages. Compare the costs in relation to the quality of service as in the above. Some hosting servers offer a low cost web hosting package but charge for bandwidth usage and this can dent your pocket so pay special attention to the bandwidth offered in the package.

Once you have these parameters clear in your mind, it should be relatively easy to carry out a search for the top 10 web hosting service providers, compare costs and services, do a final review and put your money down on one reliable company.

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