1&1 Web Hosting Service Review

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Article by King Tarquin Blackwood

1&1 Web Hosting Service Review – Internet – Web Hosting

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1and1 Web Hosting Services – Begginer Plan

You plan of a web page that targets the people – get hold of their focus, interests making them be interested in your site everyday.

You need a Hosting Service with this – and of course since you are aware of the Web so well, you discover a lot (oh yes, there are plenty) of web hosting services spawning in the internet today.

1and1 Web Hosting Services is among the Numerous hosting services that’s looking to make you plus your web site feel and look great.

In case you are a beginner – like everybody else – sign up with 1and1’s Begginer Plan, for only $ 3.99 a month you can have a lot of stuff for example 10GB in Disk/Web Space and UNLIMITED Data transfer useage or Data transfer rate.

Additionally, integrated domains could be -.com,.net,.org,.info – for sure you will know those top websites would always end with.com and/or.net/.org

Additionally you are able to have ad credits – $ 50 on Google and $ 25 Yahoo, this is great because as soon as your ads will be up and running on these two websites – people will be going to your website. And as you probably know – Google and Yahoo are the top two websitesthat we mere mortals get to visit everyday.

Check mail and just Google whatever we can consider.

Aside from the abovementioned, 1and1 Web Hosting Service supports Flash Shockwave Multimedia applications. By doing this, your customers won’t have trouble in viewing pictures/videos – your goal is to grab your customer’s attention, videos and/or pictures would be great for it.

Included as well would be Ebay Integration – meaning that you’ll be mixed or be part of Ebay which is – as you most likely also know – the site where people are able to buy and sell things. This is great, especially if you have products and/or services that you simply provide to your customers.

However, complaints happen to be made too with 1and1 Web Hosting Services. Like all Web Hosting Services as well as ANY service that individuals avail of, individuals will also get to give out issues.

For example – the lack of Customer Service Support. Yes, considering the fact that 1and1 Web Hosting Service says they have 24/7 Customer Support, some customers STILL claim that there are none.

Andto top it all off, they’ve some (quote) “sneaky” way of charging you with services that you simply haven’t used or are able to avail.

In general – 1and1 Web Hosting Services is good, particularly if you’re a newbie in looking for Web Hosting and when your site isn’t consequently critical, like depending on the Web Hosts’ e-mail for example – which means that your requests will not be lost.

And to top it all off, you could, ALWAYS have your money back within 90 days – others have 30.

Meaning, if you don’t like 1&1 Web Hosting, after you’ve tried it out – just like a car, which you get to try out first – and then it becomes clear that this isn’t the Web Hosting Service that you need, so, all you should do is to return it, as long as you’re in the ninety-day-bracket.

And you’ll get your money back from 1&1 Web Hosting as well.

So, wonderful features on Web Hosting and money-back guarantee – risk free!

That’s what 1and1 Web Hosting Service has in store for you.

Try out 1and1 web Hosting Services today!

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